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Monday, April 4, 2016

What Teen Readers Want

Reaching teen readers can be tough! They want Dinotopia, graphic novel, high interest, fantasy world, murder mysteries, problem solving, real life, romance... 

What do they want? 

Short, high-interest readers' scripts are perfect for teen readers! The first set of three stories is historical fiction and focused around a sea theme: 

Script 1
Title: The Great Steamboat Race
Genre: Historical Fiction
Four Characters: Tom, Abby, Mr. Millborn, Mrs. Millborn
Setting: Banks of Mississippi River
No. of Acts: 1 (3 pages)
Script Overview: Tom and Abby can’t wait for the Mississippi River steamboat race! Both are surprised when Tom’s former classmate is spotted working aboard one of the ships. However, Mr. and Mrs. Millborn are shocked to learn their son’s classmate dropped out of school to work on a river boat. Can two parents persuade their son to continue his education, or will an exciting life on the Mississippi River persuade him to join his classmate? 

Script 2
Title: The Frozen Fianc├ęs
Genre: Historical Fiction
Four Characters: Narrator, Richard, Lydia, and Captain
Setting: Ship’s Deck, December 22, 1850, Rockland Harbor, Maine
No. of Acts: 3 (3 pages)
Script Overview: Richard and Lydia are aboard a schooner on their way to Owl’s Head Lighthouse to be married when a winter storm delays them. Can the captain safely guide the ship across the harbor, or will their lives end in Rockland Harbor? This historical fiction script is based upon a true story that resulted in Owl’s Head Lighthouse being named the most famous haunted place in America.

Script 3
Title: Terror Aboard the Titanic
Genre: Historical Fiction
Three Characters: Jane, John, Edward
Setting: 1915 local newspaper office
No. of Acts: 1 (4 pages)
Script Overview: Jane and John, twin sister and brother, survived a horrifying night aboard the unsinkable Titanic. Now, the twins relive the story when Edward, a local reporter, interviews them for a fantastic scoop. But, is the journalist more interested in Jane or the Titanic tale? Historical facts about the Titanic and its fateful voyage make this historical fiction script an interesting read.

These 3-4 page scripts are perfect for at-risk, ESL/ELL, homeschool, flipped classrooms, and even for AP. Great for classes with short time frames and students with short attention spans! Use for close readings and critical analysis. Perfect for standardized test prep for analyzing text and meaning. Social topics and historical fiction combined for quick lessons that reinforce reading and writing skills. Great for small group settings and literacy centers. 

The critical readers' guides come with:
3 Readers theater-like scripts of 3-4 pages each
1 Readers' Script Getting Started Packet

Readers' Script Critical Thinking handouts:
Readers' Script Information Guideline for implementing activities
Plot line
Character analysis
Text evidence
6 Project based assignments
2 Fact based, real life connection assignments
Fabulous Vocabulary Handout with graphic organizer
Differentiated vocabulary list

Give Terror Aboard the Titanic a try with your teen readers:

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