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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Women Scientists as Role Models

There's a national movement to get more female students interested and involved in STEM subjects. In order to do so,there needs to be more emphasis on female scientists who are role models. Ask your students to make a list of female scientists and their contributions. How many female scientists can students name? 

Here's a list of  Ten Famous Women Scientists:

Marie Curry
Barbara McClintock
Jane Goodall
Rita Levi Montalcini
Maria Mayer
Gertrude Elion
Rachel Carson
Elizabeth Blackwell
Rosalind Franklin
Christine Nusslean-Volhard
It's important for students to understand contributions made by female scientists. Therefore, the federal government and the Office of Science and Technology Policy has set up a website to help teachers incorporate STEM into lesson plans. Included are: fact sheets, news, reports, speeches, videos, and more. As more and more females choose STEM fields as professions, their contributions become recognized and celebrated.
Teach STEM and female scientists and contributions with these fun, engaging activities:

Try this STEM related activity: Columbia Shuttle Disaster and Activities.

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