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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Celebrate Diversity and Individuality on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has been around since before the Fifth Century, and it's celebrated all around the world. Once called the Feast of Saint Valentine, its tradition remains fixated on romance. However, for today's students, with Valentine's Day comes an abundance of candy and cards!
The true meaning of Valentine's Day has become lost and is often abandoned by teachers due to its religious overtones. But, there's no reason why you can't celebrate friendship and diversity on this special day, for example try a Best Friend Compare and Contrast writing assignment or Synonym "Who Am I?" technology activity. These kinds of collaborative activities help students to discuss and celebrate uniqueness.
"Who Am I?" Synonyms Activity
In 2015, the Ad Council launched "Love Has No Labels",  a public service campaign that celebrates diversity and individuality. On Valentine's Day, take time to talk about biases and stereotypes in your classroom. Discuss how students are different based on cultural and regional differences with Dialects of the U.S. (right click to download activities):

Finally, make sure Valentine's Day is special for your students by using the below specially designed holiday materials that are engaging and meaningful, as well as fun! 
Happy Valentine's Day!
Enjoy these Valentine freebies!!!
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