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Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Effects of Hurricane Harvey on Area Students and FREE Natural Disasters Packets

"My family had thirty minutes to pack up and evacuate...we had to swim out...we got rescued by boat...I evacuated with only the clothes I had on...I have no parents and I lost our there's mold all in my house...there are eight people living in one motel room...I'm having to take care of my brothers and sisters due to my parents working extra long hours to make ends meet...I'm really, really computer and books flooded...we don't have a car...every time it rains, I remember that night and think it's going to flood again...I just keep reliving it...I thought I was going to die..." 

Houses Marked for Safety
These are common tales from our adventure with Hurricane Harvey. Students are stressed and worried. Many students lost everything--belongings, cars, homes, jobs, and sense of safety and security, as well. There is not one student who has not been affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

Fall Semester's Syllabus in Pink Backpack Flooded

Lifetime Worth of Memories on the Curb
When the rain began on Friday, we flooded before voluntary evacuations were issued. Therefore, by the time we received the emergency message, it was too late to leave our area. Roads were already impassible. As buckets of water fell from the sky, we kept saying, "It'll end soon...". We never received a mandatory evacuation notice. We thought we would see some flooding, but 52" in less than ten hours was unfathomable! 
Beating the Heat While Standing in Line for Assistance 

In the past three weeks, I have stood in line with many students and families to receive food, housing, water, and monetary assistance. The question being asked is not "Did your house and cars flood?" but "How bad did your house and cars flood?". While some businesses and homes got only a few inches, others, like mine, received 5 plus feet of water and were completely destroyed. 

It's not a normal semester--students are experiencing unusually high levels of stress due to unusual medical conditions, lack of basic personal items and supplies, and loss of cars, clothes, computers, homes, shoes, etc... So many students lost everything! 

This semester compassion, flexibility, and patience are a must! Some students have no books, no study space, no jobs, and no food or money. But, we survived the flood, and we have each other to lean on and learn from. 
Collected Trash Items from Across Dickinson; Cost of Removal: 11+ million
The one positive aspect of Hurricane Harvey is that it has brought our community and its students together! And, we are on the long road to recovery...

Thanks for your prayers, contributions, and support during Hurricane Harvey and our recovery process!
Beth, Educator Helper

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Ready for Grandparents' Day? Special Friday Post and Freebies

Special Friday Post for Grandparents' Day!

Grandparents Day is September 10--are you ready? Help students celebrate grandparents and caregivers with heartfelt, homemade activities!

Need more Grandparents' Day goodies

What's your favorite grandparent story? Celebrate in style by sharing memories of your grandparents with students--don't forget to bring pictures! 

Happy Grandparents' Day!
Educator Helper

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Labor Day Freebies

Labor Day is a "working man's holiday" that began during the Industrial Revolution when people, even children, worked as much as twelve hours per day. Over time, the holiday became synonymous with the start of school and end of summer. 

Many students have no idea what Labor Day stands for, so opening the lines of communication and exploring the true meaning of the holiday can be a learning adventure. 

Start with an on-the-board whole group KWL chart to see what students know, want to know, and learn about Labor Day. 

Help students discuss and reflect on career choices with these Labor Day Coloring Sheets:

Click here for more Labor Day Coloring Sheets.

Relax and enjoy the holiday...

Happy Labor Day!