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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Publishing Student Work

Students need audiences for their writings. Therefore, I'm asking viewers to become an audience for my students' final research essays:

Conspiracy Theories
Social Epidemics 

Summer classes ended Thursday, August 10, and students are now published authors! Also, now, they understand differences between academic writing, creative writing, journalism, and social media: 

Kinds of Writing

Students know which skills they are good at and which skills need developed:

Visual Writing

They learned writing is a process and that sometimes it is a very long process:

Writing a Rough Draft

Their final products are proof they learned to brainstorm, plan, research, write, peer workshop, and re-write to produce properly cited academic research sources--I'm very proud of them!

Help your students become published authors:
Publishing Your Work: A How-To Guide

Enjoy students' essays on Conspiracy Theories and Social Epidemics!
Beth, Educator Helper
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