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Sunday, January 8, 2017

No Computer? No Problem!

If you've ever had computer issues, you know what frustration is! My computer crashed, and all files should have been backed up, but... This made me re-evaluate all those, "But, my computer crashed!" excuses given by students. The blue screen happens to all users at some time or another. 

Since the Cloud is everywhere, there is no excuse for not backing up files. Devices can even be set to automatically back up files so that no losses ever occur. This leaves me wondering if there will ever be a Cloud failure? It's a great idea to use more than one Cloud service to back up files. But, be sure to take time to go through and delete files that are not needed to keep storage at a maximum. It only takes a few keystrokes and several seconds to back up files!

Keeping the crashed computer in mind, here are some FREE lesson plans and activities that are fun and educational without the use of technology:

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