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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Publishing Student Work

Students need audiences for their writings. Therefore, I'm asking viewers to become an audience for my students' final research essays:

Conspiracy Theories
Social Epidemics 

Summer classes ended Thursday, August 10, and students are now published authors! Also, now, they understand differences between academic writing, creative writing, journalism, and social media: 

Kinds of Writing

Students know which skills they are good at and which skills need developed:

Visual Writing

They learned writing is a process and that sometimes it is a very long process:

Writing a Rough Draft

Their final products are proof they learned to brainstorm, plan, research, write, peer workshop, and re-write to produce properly cited academic research sources--I'm very proud of them!

Help your students become published authors:
Publishing Your Work: A How-To Guide

Enjoy students' essays on Conspiracy Theories and Social Epidemics!
Beth, Educator Helper

Sunday, August 6, 2017

FREE Fun Spelling and Vocabulary Adventures

Have trouble getting students to work on spelling and vocabulary? Repetition is often used to help students practice and master spelling words to increase vocabulary. Here's some freebies to make spelling and vocabulary fun!

Make as many words as possible with these Falling Leaf Spelling Activities: 

Go on an underwater journey with Submarine Sally's Spelling Adventures

If an underwater adventure is not for you, then how about going Fishing for Vowels?

 Make spelling and vocabulary fun and interactive with handouts from Educator Helper!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Back to School, Already?

It's already time to begin thinking about back to school! In a couple of weeks, brand new faces will be headed through your classroom door. 

Get students smiling with "5 Reasons I'm Glad to Be Back in School":

Help students with planning by having them reflect on what items they need to put in their backpack for a successful first week of school:

Next, assess students' skills without them even realizing it with some fun writing prompts to color and share with classmates:

Then, introduce and review school rules by involving students in the process:

Make returning to the classroom something for students to look forward to! Start the year off right with engaging, active learning handouts that help you learn about students, their skills, and their backgrounds.

Happy Back to School!
From Educator Helper

For more Back to School activities, visit Educator Helper TpT Storefront!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

July is Rodeo Month

One of the best things about summer is the arrival of the rodeo! There's the Rodeo Queen title to contend for, the carnival that springs up, a parade to participate in, and three nights of excitement and fun. Nothing beats a rodeo and its entertainment on a balmy summer night: 

If you're lucky enough to attend one of the nation's best July rodeos, Cheyenne Frontier Days, in Wyoming, then you realize that cowboys and cowgirls travel many miles to participate in their favorite rodeo sports. How would you do on the rodeo circuit? Give it a try:

To attract many hometown people and lots of tourists, some of the bigger productions, such as the National Rodeo Association, give top prize money to winners:

When going to the rodeo, be sure to pick up a program to keep up with participants, their scores, and past performances:

Rodeos are great for making memories, so be sure to record your eyewitness account of one of the nation's oldest sport--the rodeo:

For more rodeo activities, pick up the Let's Rodeo packet!

Happy Rodeoing!
Beth, Educator Helper

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Parents' Day is the Fourth Sunday in July

What are your plans for Parents' Day? Enjoying some time off? Relaxing by the pool? Doing some shopping? Reading a book? Whatever your plans are, take time to make wonderful memories!

Here are some fun Parents' Day freebies to make and give:

Click here to get more Parents' Day activities.

Have a great Parents' Day!
Beth, Educator Helper

Celebrating Parents' Day (July 23) with Freebies

What can you thank your parents for? Does your list go on and on...? 

It's easy to take parents for granted. Maybe your parent is the first person you turn to for answering questions or giving advice. Maybe your classroom parents are the first you turn to when you need extra supplies. Maybe you have only memories of your parents to celebrate. Sunday, July 23, is the time to thank parents and guardians for all they do. 

Pick up the Parents' Day Activities packet:

Thanks, Mom and Dad!
Beth, Educator Helper

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Freebies for Preparing to Teach "July the Fourth"

Fireworks, parties, picnics, family, and friends are synonymous with July the Fourth, but do students understand the true meaning behind the independence holiday? 

Have some fun teaching and learning with the American Revolution Timeline comic book

Then, use the blank templates to let students re-tell the story of the American Revolution:

Next, have students explore their own meanings of freedom and independence with this Fourth of July 35 Activities Packet:

Maybe you just want students to relax and enjoy the Fourth of July holiday--no stress or hard work required. Use Fourth of July 30 Coloring Handouts:

Today, more than ever, students need to articulate and express their definitions of freedom, independence, and liberty. Hopefully, these free handouts will help you and your students have a stress free, freedom filled Fourth of July holiday.

Finally, be sure to say "Thank you!" to America's armed service men and women, who keep us safe and free 24/7.

Say "Thanks" with these Veteran cards and more:

However you spend your Fourth of July, with friends, family, or alone, it's your choice because we are in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Happy Fourth of July!
Beth, Educator Helper