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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Teaching and Honoring Veteran's Day

For students to grasp the meaning of Veteran's Day, begin with meaningful dialogue. Invite veterans into your class to speak and meet students! 

Ask for community, parent, sibling, and relative volunteers. Meeting veterans one-on-one creates respect for our armed service members and former veterans. Ask veterans to tell stories that focus on building positive relationships, cultural and travel experiences, and daily life in the armed services. Encourage volunteers to bring mementos and photographs. Also, honor class visitors with student-made cards, poems, and writings that express gratitude for their services to us and our country. Make Veteran's Day special for everyone! 

If your area holds a Veteran's Day parade, plan a field trip and take part in the remembrance festivities, or hold your own class parade (see below). Remember to remind students of the importance of Veteran's Day--to honor those who served our country to defend our democracy and freedom! 

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