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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Set the Mood for Halloween Writings

Let creativity flourish this Halloween with some fun individual and group writings! To get students in the mood to create spooky stories, decorate your classroom with these fun ideas:

1. Let students decorate--set a theme for each class wall then let students do the work. Pre-plan by having students envision their final wall scenes then draw these on plain paper. Have lots of Halloween themed handouts on hand for students to make and display. 

2. Dim the lights--opt for flashlights, battery operated tealights, glow in the dark sticks, and desk lamps to help students get in the Halloween mood. Students love using alternative lighting, so place plenty of these on desks, rugs, and tables.

3. Ditch traditional seating--bring in blankets, rugs, and large towels for students to lounge on while they do their eerie writings. 

4. Music is a must! YouTube has plenty of eerie Halloween writing music. Choose one with lots of different sounds then have students listen and write down as many sounds as possible. Next, have students choose ten words from their lists to include in their writings. A Halloween word bank will keep students' writings focused on the holiday theme. 

5. Add edibles--include snacks that are healthy yet Halloween themed, such as apples, popcorn, pretzels, and pumpkin seeds. Many schools have banned outside foods, so check policies, be aware of allergies, and play it safe. Your school's cafeteria manager can help when it comes to setting up special food displays. 

6. Fog machine and LCD projector scenes--these easy to set-up and use machines can change an ordinary classroom into an extraordinary holiday setting. These are in high demand, so purchase your fog machine or projector early in the season. 

Now that your classroom is ready, it's time to find great writing prompts for Halloween. Educator Helper has what you need to get students' creative storywriting skills flowing!

Happy Halloween!
Educator Helper

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