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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Re-Thinking the Resume

Is your resume a traditional document? If so, it's time to re-think your resume! No matter what career field you are in, the job market is tough, so how do you make your resume stand out among the crowd? Here's some resume updating tips that will help you land your perfect job:

1. Infographs 
Use a free Microsoft Word template to create your infograph and highlight the top items on your 
resume. Competition is tough, so make reading your resume simple and easy with an infograph 

Here's my infograph resume:
Be creative, but make sure your infograph is easy to read and functional for potential employers.

2. Online Career Portfolios 
Use Live Journal or YouTube to create and post a short and simple portfolio of your best work. Then, post your video to a job site or send it to company administrators. This process can be time consuming, so be sure to check out companies' media policies on viewing and receiving these kinds of documents in lieu of or as attachments with job applications.

3. Flowcharts
Flowcharts are great for chronological or sequencing information, which works well for resumes. Be colorful and use easy-to-read fonts. Be sure to organize and streamline your resume info so it fits neatly into shapes. PowerPoint, which is easier to use for manipulating objects and shapes, has many free flowchart templates. 

Re-thinking the traditional resume format can help you rise to the top of the list as a job applicant! These solutions will highlight your creativity, as well as job skills, when trying to land your perfect job. 

Have fun with your resume!
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