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Sunday, August 28, 2016

4 Relaxation Tips for a Stressfree School Year

You've fulfilled one or two weeks of the beginning of the school year, so are you ready for some relaxation techniques? Students feed off your energy--if you are calm and relaxed, students will be, too!

Not only are teachers stressed, students are stressed, too. Several new studies on ASCD suggest that 80% of high school and university students are too stressed to perform properly. That's an alarmingly high number of stressed students sitting in our classrooms. There's even been debates on adding recess to some United States high schools. 

Adding stress relaxation techniques to your daily classroom is simple! Here are some easy to implement ideas:

1. Journal Writing--play relaxation/brain music the first ten minutes of class and let students freewrite. I've used this for sixteen years with huge success--I promise it works! Need tips on how to easily implement journals in your classroom? Try Journal Writing in the Classroom.

2. Get up and move! Use educational materials that include movements, such Get Fit Action Stories:

3. Address students stress levels by teaching test taking strategies and techniques with It's Testing Day!:

4. Use project based classrooms which allows students time to process, problem solve, and reflect on learning. Also, project based classrooms offer time for collaboration and research. 

Decreasing stress levels will have everyone smiling!

Hope you have a stress free school year!
Beth, Educator Helper

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