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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Fourth of July Freedom and Fun

Freedom--do your students know and understand what democracy means? Do they realize that people around the world are in daily struggles to defend or obtain freedom? These are difficult questions for students who have never experienced other cultures or who have not traveled outside of the United States. 

For a short introductory video and lesson on democracy, hop over to Ted Ed and
view "Democracy, a Short Introduction", which also includes free comprehension checks and discussions. If you have a free Ted Ed account, input your questions for comprehension checks or discussions. This will get students thinking and responding about what "democracy" and "freedom" means. 

Then, it's time for reviewing how our country fought for its freedom by having students create their own comic books on the American Revolution. Here's a few sample pages with corresponding fill-in-your-own-comic handouts to get students started:

If you teach younger students, try these unique July the Fourth Coloring Handouts to get in the spirit of Fourth of July:

Still didn't find what you need to help students celebrate and understand our nation's Independence Day? How about some Fourth of July: 24 Fun Activities?

Make understanding democracy and freedom easy and enjoyable! And, "Let freedom ring..."

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