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Monday, May 23, 2016

Have Fun Teaching Dialogue and Dialect

If you are used to "y'all", then your geographical location is a giveaway! I can't tell you how many times I've traveled north or west and been asked, "You are from Texas?" Actually, I'm from Oklahoma, a first cousin to my current home state of Texas. Regardless, when I open my mouth and speak, it's obvious I'm from the South. 

I was with a friend in Central Park in New York City. As we stood in front of a frozen pond, I said, "Look at all the ice!" However, he heard me say, "Look at all the i-ece!" He asked me to repeat the phrase four times. Finally, I spelled: I-C-E. My Southern pronunciation created a language barrier that produced lots of laughter and a great story to retell to my students. 

Some of our students have no out of state travel experiences. Therefore, they have no knowledge of regional dialect differences. Take time to use Dialects of the U.S. activities found below to introduce regional dialects for some active learning fun: 

For the full lesson plan, visit Dialects of the U.S.

Try more dialect activities:
Analyzing Images

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