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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Adding Socialization Skills to Lesson Plans

Having fun lends an air of relaxation to learning and mastering new concepts. Even if your lesson plan does not include "fun", it can use socialization as a learning tool. Doing so is simple and places the responsibility for learning back onto shoulders of students.
Below are some ideas for using socialization skills as a learning tool in the classroom:
1. Pair students then have them choose one concept or skill from the daily lesson then explain it to their partner.
2. Use expert groups. Ask students to choose one small portion of the lesson to explain while in small
groups. Use a timer and rotate groups so that each group contains one expert per topic.
3. Have students sign up in advance to prepare a two-to-five minute lesson plan with an activity to introduce to peers. Use templates such as Share Your Knowledge to promote social learning. 
4. Use Comprehension Postcards. Take ordinary postcards and write one comprehension question per card on the postcards' backs. Use craft scissors, which make unusual designs, and cut the postcards in halves. If larger groups are needed, cut the postcards in thirds or fourths. Have students find their postcards' mates then discuss/answer the question listed on the back.

5. Get outside the classroom! Measure school buildings in math classes, go on creative writing excursions, or test hypothesis in science classes by heading outdoors. Head outdoors to teach prepositions with Preposition Walk.

6. Use butcher's paper or poster boards and have groups illustrate one important date from their history chapter. Then create student comic books with this easy to implement Comic Book Writing lesson! It comes with activity worksheets, great student examples, and step-by-step instructions.   

When students have fun learning, they engage with materials, use critical thinking skills, and look forward to coming to school. Happy students make for stress-free teachers!
Teaching is enjoyable with socialization learning activities!
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