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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Using Skills Charts in Peer Workshopping Classrooms

"Everyone is good at something", so capitalize on your students' skills by starting your first peer workshopping session with a Skills Chart. Use the filled in version below, or make your own by using the blank chart. Then, Xerox one of the Skills Chart and the Workshopping Notes chart front to back (2 sided). Have students complete the Skills Chart.  

Use large chart paper or the below handout to create a Master Skills Chart:

Now, it's time to implement peer workshopping! Use the Skills List as a peer workshopping list, and introduce skills one at time with mini-lessons. Give students time to practice the skills through writing activities then peer workshoppings. 

Be sure students utilize the Master Skills Chart by going to peers for help with skills. As students master skills, add their names to the Master Skills Chart.  Be sure to provide handouts or reference materials for those listed as master teachers. It takes practice to teach rules to others, and you may have to model this for in small group settings until students get the hang of how to go over rules with one another. As you conference with students, complete the Workshopping Notes sections to chart writers' growths. 

In the end, students benefit from peer workshopping because they need meaningful practice to improve and master skills. 

Happy Peer Workshopping!
Educator Helper

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