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Friday, July 31, 2015

Back to School...Already?

Are you in Back-to-School mode yet? Summer days flew by, and now it's time to start thinking about the first week of school. Getting to know students tops teachers'  must-do lists. We want to learn about students' aspirations and how they intend to accomplish their goals. More importantly, we want students to thrive in safe learning communities, so this means learning about and sharing beliefs and cultures.

There are many fun and educational activities to help students learn about each other. To help out, below are some fun activities to get to know students!

Find Someone Who Bingo

Back to School Fill-in-the-Blank Stories

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Back-to-School Make-a-Book Project
Directions: Right click to save the pages/images, Xerox, have each student choose one cover, choose and complete story pages, and pick one The End page. Finish by binding: staple left edges, cover with construction paper then staple or use a hole punch then lace with crochet thread. Be sure to make time to share students' books!

To purchase the complete project, click here!

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