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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Freebies for National Donut Day on June 5

Fresh, gooey, hot, baked or fried dough glazed with varieties of sugary frostings--who can resist donuts? June 5 is National Donut Day! 

My grandma used to make fried donuts covered with powdered sugar frosting, and no one could "eat just one"! Make National Donut Day extra special and fun with the free activities listed below. 

Start the day off with fresh donuts for students then learn some history:

Step back in time to the 1980's when donut sales were on the decline. Have students design billboards to increase sales! Be sure to vote on the best billboard...

Take time to reflect on donuts--students can choose one of the prompts below and do some writing:

Want a great homework assignment that involves donuts? Will the home-ec department partner with you to let students make donuts? Can you make a video production about making donuts? 

After making all those donuts, it's time to do some decorating! Have a Donut Decorating Contest:

Some people spell "donut" as "doughnuts". How many words can you make from "doughnuts"?

What kind of donuts do your students like? Let students conduct surveys for an across-curriculum math project:

Now, it's time to become an entrepreneur! Start your own donut shop...

Complete National Donut Day with a crossword puzzle:

National Donut Day on June 5 can be a fun, educational adventure for everyone! For more activities and ideas, go to the comprehensive website for National Donut Day

Find out where to get FREE donuts on June 5 by heading over to Stacey Fisher's
Freebies blog on "Free Donuts on National Donut Day". 
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