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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Holiday Giving (and Lots of Freebies for You!) Equals a Merry Christmas

No matter your religion, it's the holidays--a time for giving! Putting smiles on the faces of others and helping others in need is what the season is about. Forget about the commercialism of the holiday season. Instead, focus on the reason for the season--giving. 

How about a favorite holiday memory? I know you have one...share it with your students, and encourage them to share their stories, in turn. For more memory making, try Nostalgic Ornaments (see samples of all items at the bottom of the post), print out your Santa list, write a holiday comic book or story, and help Santa find his missing suit! Get into the holiday spirit and enjoy the season by sharing your newly made items with family and friends, or enlist others to help create holiday items to take those shut-in at hospitals and nursing homes. 

Revisit childhood memories of the holiday season.

Do you remember when:

1. Electronics meant gifts that run on batteries?
2. Action figures couldn't move--there was no real "action"?
3. Hardback books were all the rage? Then, paperback books ruled?
4. You got an 8-track player (am I that old?!)? A cassette player? A VCR?
5. You went to the movie store to buy a movie?
6. You and all your friends got new bikes to ride on Christmas morning?
7. Sacks from Santa held apples, oranges, peppermints, and walnuts?
8. Silver, tinsle Christmas trees flocked with fake snow were "in"?
9. There was no selfies to post during the holidays?
10. Handmade, handwritten Christmas cards were delivered to your door?

As time passes, and traditions change, one thing remains the same--the spirit of giving during the holiday season. 

A huge "Thank you!" to my followers and patrons as we close out 2014 and look forward to a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!
                                       Beth, the Educator Helper

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