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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday Night Lights

The excitement is contagious! Throw on your hometown pride, football t-shirt and get ready to cheer to for your team because it's time for Friday night lights! Then, half-way through the high school football season comes one of the most important holidays of the school year--homecoming! 

Back during the day (for me that would be the 1970s), we built real, ol' fashioned floats: the kind that had chicken wire stapled onto wooden floored, iron framed trailers. They required detailed planning and lots of man hours and were true works of art.

First, someone, an adult but I'm not sure who, chose a theme for the parade. For example, fairy tales, western movies, historical time periods, etc... Then, during grade level, class meeting times, we brainstormed and voted on choices, such as Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for a fairy tale theme. Next, each grade level formed small committees to come up with designs. These were sketched and material lists were made as items were gathered. Finally, it was time to beg local business owners, farmers, friends, and relatives for secret float building locations. 

Once the hidden locations were chosen, it was time to start building the greatest float that ever graced the streets of Maysville, Oklahoma! Hours and hours were spent stuffing chicken wire holes with colored toilet paper during homecoming week. Getting the paper meant trips to the opposing team's town, if close enough, to loot public restrooms for toilet paper. We folded and taped streamers and made props from cardboard, duck tape, and sheetrock. All students' talents were needed to concoct the perfect float that would win first place in the parade!

On Homecoming Day, our excitement peaked as the police car's shrill siren meant the parade was beginning. The band marched to the fight song and
candy was tossed from floats that overflowed with student actors, cheerleaders, and football players. The streets were more crowded on Homecoming Day than any other time of the year! 

Homecoming Day was special, especially in our rural town where Friday night lights meant a uniting of our community and school. We cheered for a common goal--a home team win. 

To help your students make lifetime homecoming memories, here are some fun, free activities to incorporate learning into homecoming week:

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