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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What? Back to School, already?

Is it possible that we are already approaching "Back to School" mode? It's time to start thinking about the first week of school and getting to know new students. It's true that our classrooms are more diverse than ever. So, how can we get students to appreciate and understand their classmates' cultures? Through active learning, hands-on lessons that build critical thinking skills and increase peer interactions!

Here are some ideas for getting to know students as we gear up for "Back to School" mode:

Road of Life Maps
These come in many forms whether sharing hobbies, life events, or reading and writing experiences. Road of Life Maps get students thinking and talking about their pasts and futures. Here are some students' life maps as examples. Click here for the complete lesson plan: A Common Core Approach to Narrative Writing.

Let students introduce themselves through peer interaction. Here's an example of Find Someone Who bingo:

Back to School Information Sheet helps teachers get to know students and their families:

Back-to-School, Get to Know Students, Fill-in-the-Blank Stories (for more, click here): 

More Back-to-School Lessons:

Let early learners work together to help Wacky Wayne find I-Spy objects... 
Back to School Coloring Sheets are excellent for assessing motor skills!
Make a Book Project with 6 templates helps build peer relationships!
What letters do students know? Back to School Letter Recognition handouts...
Writing activities with cellphone example and more... for get to know fun!
Pair young writers up for compare and contrast writings lesson plan...
Identify, Understand, and Assess Learning Styles lesson plan with activities so students become aware of their own learning styles and how to use them

Are you hearing school bells yet?