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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The Made Up Words Project  is a great project for your classroom! The rules are simple:

1. Find a purpose or reason to create a new word. For example: does your mother make a dish from her own recipe, do you have a habit no one else seems to have, do you have a special place that needs a name, etc...
2. Use compound words, foreign words, prefixes/suffixes, shortened words, sound words, rhyming words, etc...
3.  Read "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll
4. Discuss made up words within the poem. Why did Lewis Carroll choose words without origins? Where did the words originate from? What do they mean? Are context clues used? 
5. Now, it's time to make your own made-up words: review rule #1. 
6. Start writing! Be creative! 
7. On paper or screen, include: the made-up word, definition, example of use within a sentence, and  an image that represents or defines for readers your made-up word.
8. Set up a Made Up Words Class Project website, or add to the Made Up Words Project website.


Have fun, and enjoy being a Wordsmith!

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