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Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Nostalgia Tree

Many years ago, when my grown children were little kids, we started a tradition that resulted in a nostalgia tree. Of course, the tree is now a perfect reminder of Christmas' past. The nostalgia tree brings lots of smiles every Christmas!

Each year, the Christmas tree is brought down from the attic. It's covered in two black trash bags. When the bags are removed, the tree is finished! The ornaments and lights are left on from year to year. The angel is placed on the top, and the tree is ready to go. The small tree sits upon a round table nestled in the corner of the living room. A red skirt trimmed in white fur covers the plastic base of the artificial tree. There's nothing fancy about it. One strand of multi-colored lights is wrapped beneath the ornaments. Because, after, all, it's the ornaments that are the most important.

At one time, the tree was covered with ornaments from all our children. But, as each moved on and established their own homes, the ornaments were given to their makers. Now, most of the handmade pieces that are remain on the tree's branches belong to our youngest child, who is twenty-four and is to be married in May. Then, many of the ornaments will disappear once again. It will be time to fill the nostalgia tree with homemade ornaments from grandchildren!

FREE!  Make your own ornaments to start your nostalgia tree!

Ornaments on the Nostalgia Tree

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