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Friday, November 8, 2013

Creating Holiday Memories

What holiday traditions does your family celebrate? We gather with family and friends, eat scrumptious foods, play games, and watch football. 

We've baked turkeys, fried turkeys, and smoked turkeys. We've had green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole. We've fixed cream style and whole kernel corn mixed together. We've made fried and mashed potatoes. The dressing, oh, the boxed stuff will do--it's my grandma's homemade recipe: cornbread and light bread, celery and onions, boiled and raw eggs, and lots of pepper, sage, and salt. Of course, a great cook never gives away her recipes, so the secret ingredients will remain just that...

For years, there was an "Oldies" versus "Kids" football game. Then, the "Kids" became "Oldies". Now, there's games for all ages: cards, dominoes, and board games, such as Candy Land, Jenga, and Trivial Pursuit. Plus, Get Fit Action Stories: Tom the Turkey Takes a Break to burn off all those calories from Thanksgiving dinner, and seconds.

Some years, weather kept us inside. Ice and snow covered trees and roads,
and we were stuck at relatives' homes for days. There was the year a tornado watch kept us on our toes for the first half of the day then the north wind barreled across the plains and dropped snow for the last half of Thanksgiving Day. The weather in Oklahoma can be compared to flipping a coin. 

However, Thanksgiving is about one thing--giving "thanks" while with family and friends. A "thank you" for friendship and good cheer, for being there when needed, and for being able to help when asked.  

Happy Thanksgiving to family, friends, and patrons!
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