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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Making Mother's Day Memories

My Mother's Day keepsakes rest on shelves and windowsills around my house. They are not expensive gifts nor are they mass produced or store bought. Instead, they are imperfect, unique items crafted especially for me by my children.

There are handwritten cards with stick figured drawings, ceramic hearts and mugs with inscriptions, and scribbled sayings on construction paper hearts. They were made with love and care, and to me they are as valuable as Monet or Renoir paintings.

In the past, I've had Mother's Day breakfasts in bed, buffet lunches at cafeterias, and candlelit dinners at expensive restaurants. Yet, none of those equaled the homemade gifts plastered across my refrigerator doors. I have wonderful memories of children's happy faces as I opened their works of art. Yes, Mother's Day is synonymous with love.

As an educator, I love holidays! They offer insight into cultures and traditions. They give students opportunities for researching and sharing. Holidays are special days of celebration. Mother's Day is cause for reflection--time to say "Thanks, and I love you!" A day to express gratitudes not otherwise communicated. 

What is your Mother's Day plan? A vase of flowers? A heart-shaped box filled with chocolate? Dinner at a fancy restaurant? Don't forget the handmade cards and gifts--those made with love. 


Happy Mother’s Day!

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