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Friday, March 1, 2013

Wacky Wayne's I-Spy Origin

What do Wacky Wayne's I-Spy and Alabama football have in common? I-Spy is a favorite among early learners, and they help students with eye and hand coordination. I-Spy build specific skill sets, such as recognizing letters and shapes. When I decided to develop I-Spy handouts, I wanted a catchy name that was fun for students to say and relate to.

The tale began in Texas with a cellphone call from a native Alabama relative named Wayne. For as long as I can remember, "Roll Tide!" has been Wayne's battle cry. There's no bigger fan of Crimson Tide football than Wayne. He declared his team was "sure to be the next national champions". That's when it hit me--Wayne was wacky for Alabama football! Thus, a star was born, and Wacky Wayne's I-Spy was invented!

Product names are derived in many ways, and Wacky Wayne's I-Spy is a great example of bizarre ways teachers come up with titles. If you've got a great product title name and story to share, post it for all to read...

Here are some Wacky Wayne I-Spy examples:
Wacky Wayne's Camping I-Spy

Wacky Wayne's Valentine's I-Spy

Wacky Wayne's Fall I-Spy
Wacky Wayne's Halloween I-Spy

Wacky Wayne's Winter I-Spy

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