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Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's Fall!

There's briskness in the air, squirrels are hiding nuts, and sweaters are making appearances. There's so much to do during the fall months! There's Autumn carnivals, fall break, football games, homecoming, marching band practices, and not to mention the "big" holidays, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (I'll leave those for monthly topics)...Whew! The long list leaves teachers little time to prepare lesson plans, as well as few spare minutes for rest and relaxation. 

There are lots of educational activities that incorporate fall holidays. Below are some products that are easy to implement, very engaging, hands-on/interactive, and educational. Try a pre-made, fall lesson that engages students in learning:

Top Ten Kids Movies  
         Uncover the answers through pictures and puzzles--great fun for all ages!

    Good Deed Award  

         Reward students for their positive actions.

    Sidewalk Characters: A Novel Study of Characters
        Go outdoors for this fun, novel activity that builds characters from   textual proof (Common Core).

     Helpful Tips for Standardized Essay Testing
         Need help explaining how the test is set up and scored? Then this writing review is for you!

     Homecoming Activities Packet for Pre-k-6th Grades
          Lots of coloring and writing activities to get students excited about homecoming.

     Chain Stories: 15 Non-Fictional and Fictional Collaborative Writing Stories
          Students will enjoy doing write-arounds by adding sentences to stories.

Take advantage of the many hands-on, free lessons that engage students in fall activities, and have some fun!