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Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School

The first day of school can cause jitters in
 parents, students, and teachers, so here are some tips to help ease back-to-school anxieties:

 For Parents: 
 1. Set the alarm clock twenty minutes early to anticipate first day problems.
 2. Make a checklist several days before so school items are not forgotten. 
 3. Plan a special breakfast for the special day. 
 4. Dress nicely--it affects children's attitudes and boosts confidences. 
 5. Know your role--elementary students may need parental help but middle school and high school students prefer the assistance of peers. 

For Students:
1. Pack supply items two days beforehand then review your mental checklist. 
2. Choose and lay clothing out the night before the big day. 
3. Pick up and review your class schedule before school begins. 
4. Make plans ahead of time for afterschool transportation. 
5. Keep a "Contact List" in case of emergencies. 

For Teachers: 
1. Establish firm classroom rules with students' inputs. 
2. Make note of pre-established student cliques and friendships. 
3. Give a brief overview of what skills will be mastered during the year. 
4. Establish a routine for students to follow, and stick to it. 
5. Smile! Even on a bad day, a smile can make everyone, including you, feel better. 

Remember, the first day of school is stressful for all involved, so be prepared, and enjoy your first day of school!

Back to School Items: