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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jumpin' July

The dog days of summer have hit, and children are bored at home. How can you keep kids busy while reinforcing learning at the same time? There are many free activities to be enjoyed within every city or town. Here are a few favorites: 

1. Try your local library for free story times. Also, most libraries host movie days and offer DVD collections that can be rented. 

2. Check with the area's Chamber of Commerce or visitors' center for free tours  or historical walks. Ask for compiled lists of local children's activities to save time. 

3. Local colleges and schools often need students for clinical labs. Soon-to-be teachers are required to work with students as part of their coursework loads, so they practice lesson writings in math concepts, readings skills, etc... It's a great way for students to get free tutoring in specific subjects. Check with the Education Department at universities or the public relations office of schools to find places that participate in such programs.  

4. Most museums and zoos offer "FREE" days, but expect large crowds! To save more money, bring picnic lunches, snacks, and water in plastic bottles, which can be refilled free of charge. Want to miss the crowds? Look for savings coupons on companies' related websites or check with credit unions, Chamber of Commerce sites, and visitors' centers. Many amusement and water parks offer reduced tickets after specific times in the evenings. 

5. Most local radio stations give away prize packages, so keep older kids busy by having them call in to win! Throw some math in the mix and have them uncover their odds of winning.  

6. National and state parks give free educational seminars and offer free books. Many have summer camps which are low-cost or very affordable. If the fees are out of range, ask if scholarships or sponsorships are available. 

Summer doesn't have to be dull, and fun doesn't have to expensive! 

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