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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Homecoming Activities for a Week of Fun

Homecoming is a week of fun filled activities, and keeping students focused and learning can be difficult. Therefore, try incorporating skills into your homecoming activities by using the handouts below:

Need more great homecoming activities that address different levels and sports? Click here to get your Homecoming Activities Packet:

Activities include:

Information Sheets to Handout for Homecoming & Parades
Top Ten Reasons We are #1
Numerous "Homecoming Memories" writing activities 
Favorite Memories with game info handouts 
Scoreboard to fill in
Coloring sheets 
Homecoming Recipe
Homecoming Poem
A Homecoming Cheer
Homecoming Crossword with answer sheet
Homecoming Word Search with answer sheet
Basketball Maze
Football Maze
Write Your Fight Song
Math Scoring Sheet by quarters (add, subtract...)
and more...

Help cheer your team on to a win during Homecoming Week with Educator Helper Homecoming Activities Packet!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Grandparent's Day Celebration

Every day is time to celebrate grandparents! 

And, today is Grandparent's Day, so download some freebies to make and share with your special grandparent.

Need more Grandparent's Day activities?

Click here to purchase complete packet of activities

Enjoy Grandparent's Day!
Beth, Educator Helper

Sunday, August 26, 2018

RePost: FREE Natural Disaster Preparedness and Hurricane Packets for Students

As a tropical depression barrels along the Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi Gulf Coast and flooding is occurring on the Texas coastline, it's important to educate students on disaster preparedness and history of natural disasters. Therefore, this post will remain active another week!

Stay safe and prepare students for natural disasters!

As Hurricane Lane hits the Hawaiian Islands, it was one year ago today that the Texas Gulf Coast experienced Hurricane Harvey. One year has brought lots of change.

One year later, there are many areas and people of the Gulf Coast who are in dire need. Homes are not repaired, lands are covered in debris, and PTHH (Post Traumatic Hurricane Harvey) is evident. 

The media is gone, and most Hurricane Harvey victims wonder if they have been forgotten. As Hurricane Lane ravages parts of Hawaii and its inhabitants, survivors of Hurricane Harvey pray for them.

Across the US, natural disasters ravage lands. Never has there been a better time to prepare students for natural disasters! To do so, get your FREE packets by clicking the links below:

Take time to review disaster related notices and warnings--it might save students' lives!