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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Teaching the Real Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Month

The story of the first Thanksgiving should be visited from many different viewpoints. Help students to understand Thanksgiving by allowing them to discuss and debate real events that occurred during the first holiday.  

Begin with a virtual tour of the area where the first Thanksgiving took place:

Understand the story of the first Thanksgiving from the Wampanoag Indians point of views:

Think about pilgrims' way of life during the first Thanksgiving:

Then, listen as Native American girls discuss their viewpoints about Thanksgiving:

Review the story of the first Thanksgiving as it is told to us when we are children:

How do children re-tell the first Thanksgiving?

Begin a class debate about the first Thanksgiving and how it is portrayed in schools and history books:

Finish with activities that focus on Native Americans, Thanksgiving, and giving thanks:

Notable Native Americans:

Write your own "My Thanksgiving Tale":

Thanksgiving Thank You Cards in English & Spanish

Click to get more Thanksgiving and Native American activities!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Beth, Educator Helper

Sunday, November 12, 2017

November is Native American Heritage Month

All students should be aware of our country's Native American heritage. There are many ways to celebrate Native American Heritage Month, and here are some free resources to get students engaged in our country's heritage and to honor Native Americans:

One of the funnest ways to celebrate Native American Heritage Month is to relive history and historical moments by making a diorama! Click here to get the handouts needed to incorporate this activity into your lessons. 

Native American Heritage Month celebration continues throughout the month of November, so check back next week for more freebies!

Happy Native American Heritage Month!
Educator Helper

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Special Veteran's Day Post

How do you explain Veteran's Day to students? Often times, the holiday is overlooked due to its proximity to Halloween and Thanksgiving. Yet, it's one of the most important holidays of the year since it honors democracy, freedom, independence and the men and women who serve our armed forces to make these possible on a daily basis. Therefore, take time to teach students about Veteran's Day and to thank veterans for their services with Educator Helper's Veteran's Day activities and cards:

Veteran's Day is often fun-filled with parades and parties. Have your own classroom Veteran's Day parade with Educator Helper's Get Fit Action Story:

However you and your students decide to honor veterans on Veteran's Day, make the day educational and memorable by honoring those who serve and have served in our armed forces.

Happy Veteran's Day!!
Educator Helper

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Native American Heritage Month: Te Ata, a Celebration of Life and Culture

To help celebrate Native American Heritage Month, each weekly November post will highlight a different cultural activity!

There are many students and teachers who do not know about Native American storyteller Te Ata, whose real name was Mary Thompson Fisher. She was an actress, artist, singer, songwriter, politician, and so much more... Now, her life has been made into a major motion picture! Preview the trailer then get ready for the premier at a movie theater close to you. 

To honor Mary Fisher and the premier of the new movie, Te Ata, here are some activities to learn more about the lady who shared her culture and life with the world:

There is a lot to learn about Mary Fisher! Direct students to multigenre media information by visiting the Oklahoma Historical Society article then read an NPR interview about the making of the movie. The Smithsonian Newsdesk has an overview of the Chickasaw Nation play based on Te Ata's life. Finally, before seeing the movie, review the cast list and a plot overview of the movie and fill in the handouts above. 

Return weekly throughout the month of November for Native American activities!

Happy Native American Month!
Educator Helper

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Happy Halloween Fun

Are ready for Halloween? Get kids up and moving this Halloween with Get Fit Action Stories, especially Frank N. Stein's Haunted House!

Here's this week's Halloween freebie excerpt. Click here to preview more of Frank N. Stein's Haunted House and get more Get Fit Action Stories that combine reading, exercise, and fun:

from Educator Helper

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Monsters and More... Just in Time for Halloween Research Skills

What's Halloween without a few Monsters and More...? Being able to connect to prompts and research materials helps students produce better writings. Finding high interest topics can be challenging, but now there's Monsters and More...

What kind of high interest writing topics are covered?

Lochness Monster

Proving whether these topics are fiction or non-fiction is left up to students to research and determine based on facts stated and uncovered. Have students use the PEE method to reinforce using expert testimonies in their essays:

P = point/claim    
Make your point: Alien sightings occur frequently in Texas.

E = Evidence/research     
What's the expert testimony say? Local police departments report more than five sightings per day in Texas (Williams 3).

E = Explanation      
Explain how evidence backs up or supports your claim: Since there are thousands of alien sightings reported each year by the general public in Texas, there is a high probability aliens exist. 

This easy to follow format will ensure students reinforce their claims with text evidence while avoiding dropped quotes. The Monsters and More... handouts may be used as stand alone research based worksheets or as a starting point for more in-depth essays.

Interesting writing topics mask working with difficult research skills so that students learn while having fun! 

Use these Fact or Fiction: Monsters and More... handouts to get started on some Halloween research: 

Happy monster hunting this Halloween!